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Used Refurbished IBM FlashSystem V840 9848-AE1 Storage Enclosure

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Refurbished IBM 9848-AE1 FlashSystem V840 Storage Enclosure

  • The FlashSystem V840 consists of 2x FlashSystem V840 Control Enclosures and 1x FlashSystem V840 Storage Enclosure with support for up to 12x 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB flash modules
  • The 9848-AE1 is a 2U 19-inch rackmount enclosure with twelve slots for flash modules, and provides 16x 8Gb Fibre Channel ports to connect to FlashSystem V840 Control Enclosures
  • Flash modules available in either 1TB (FC# AF1B), 2TB (FC# AF10), or 4TB (FC# AF11) and cannot be inter-mixed
  • Storage enclosure is a 2U form factor
  • Our refurbished 9848-AE1 FlashSystem V840 devices are tested, configured, and guaranteed for IBM maintenance

Systems offered under machine types 9846 and 9848 are functionally identical.  Models ordered as 9846 originally had a 1-yr warranty, and models ordered as 9848 originally had a 3-yr warranty.

eMLC Flash Modules

AF1B (00DJ269) 1TB eMLC Flash Module
AF10 (00DJ315) 2TB eMLC Flash Module
AF11 (00DJ316) 4TB eMLC Flash Module

Capacity Configurations

2TB (4x 1TB Flash Modules #AF1B)
4TB (6x 1TB Flash Modules #AF1B)
6TB (8x 1TB Flash Modules #AF1B)
8TB (10x 1TB Flash Modules #AF1B)
10TB (12x 1TB Flash Modules #AF1B)
12TB ( 8x 2TB Flash Modules #AF10)
16TB (10x 2TB Flash Modules #AF10)
20TB (12x 2TB Flash Modules #AF10)
24TB ( 8x 4TB Flash Modules #AF11)
32TB (10x 4TB Flash Modules #AF11)
40TB (12x 4TB Flash Modules #AF11)