Used Refurbished IBM 8961-F08 SAN512B-6 (BR-X68-0001) Fibre Channel SAN Director chassis

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Refurbished IBM 8961-F08 SAN512-B 8-Slot SAN Director

  • Auto-sensing 4, 8, 16, and 32Gbps Fibre Channel speeds
  • Includes 8x vertical blade slots, and an additional 32x 128 Gbps Brocade UltraScale InterChassis Link (ICL) ports
  • Provides up to 384x 32Gbps Fibre Channel ports, or 512-port equivalent with 128 Gbps (4×32 Gbps) UltraScale ICL ports
  • Connect up to 9x chassis with full mesh topology, or up to 12x chassis with core-edge topology
  • Scalable with full fabric architecture of 239 switches
  • Brocade p/n BR-X68-0001, BR-X6-8
  • Our refurbished IBM directors are tested, configured, and guaranteed for IBM maintenance

Blade Options

BR-X6-0148 48-Port 32GB SAN Blade (FC32-48), no SFP's
BR-X6-2148 48-Port 32GB SAN Blade (FC32-48), with 48x 32G SWL SFP+
BR-X6-2164 64-Port 32GB SAN Blade (FC32-64), with 8x 4x32G QSFP SWL QSFPs


BR-X68ICLKIT-100M-02 Brocade UltraScale ICL Ports on Demand License