Used Refurbished IBM 8408-44E POWER E850C Server - POWER8 P8 AIX System

Used and Refurbished IBM 8408-44E E850C POWER8 ServerEssential Technologies is your essential source for recertified, used, and refurbished IBM 8408-44E Power8 E850C Server hardware. Whether it's a complete system, upgrades, parts, or components you can count on Essential Technologies to provide quality equipment that meets your IT objectives - and exceeds your expectations - every time.

All products are 100% IBM original, tested, and eligible for IBM on-site maintenance (or a 3rd-party support contract). Whether you have a specific system in mind, or if you need alternatives, we have the solution that's right for you.

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Refurbished IBM 8408-44E Power System E850C POWER8 Server

  • The Power System E850C model E8E is a 4U POWER8 server with four processors sockets
  • Expandable to 32-, 40-, or 48-cores (minimum configuration is 2x processors):
    - 8-core processor modules provide up to 32 cores at 4.22 GHz
    - 10-core processor modules provide up to 40 cores at 3.95 GHz
    - 12-core processor modules provide up to 48 cores at 3.95 GHz
  • Supports between 128GB and 4TB DDR4 Memory (minimum configuration is 128GB, and 4x memory modules per processor):
    - Two-processor module configurations provide 16x CDIMM slots
    - Three-processor module configurations provide 24x CDIMM slots
    - Four-processor module configurations provide 32x CDIMM slots (maximum of 4TB)
  • System unit includes up to 11x PCIe Gen3 slots (with two processor modules, there are seven PCIe slots; with three modules, there are nine PCIe slots; and with four modules, there are eleven PCIe slots)
  • PCIe Gen3 I/O Expansion Drawer (#EMX0) can expand the number of full-high, hot-swap Gen3 slots
  • Optional storage configurations, all with eight SFF disk bays, four 1.8-inch disk bays, and one DVD bay
  • Additional SFF-2 bays for HDD and SSD available via EXP24S I/O drawers
  • Our refurbished IBM 8408-44E E850C systems are tested, configured, and guaranteed for IBM maintenance

Expansion Options

EMX0 PCIe Gen3 I/O Expansion Drawer
5887 EXP24S SFF Gen2-bay Drawer


EM8P 16GB CDIMM, 1600MHz, DDR4 Memory
EM8Q 32GB CDIMM, 1600MHz, DDR4 Memory
EM8R 64GB CDIMM, 1600MHz, DDR4 Memory
EM8S 128GB CDIMM, 1600MHz, DDR4 Memory