Used Refurbished IBM FlashSystem 7200 2076-824 SFF NVMe Control Enclosure

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IBM 2076-824 FlashSystem 7200 SFF NVME Control Enclosure

  • The IBM FlashSystem 7000 series is a virtualized, flash-optimized storage system, utilizing IBM Spectrum Virtualize software, and built with an end-to-end NVMe strategy
  • Two node canisters, each with two 8-core processors, and integrated hardware-assisted compression acceleration
  • 256GB cache (128GB per canister) standard with optional upgrades from 768GB to 1536GB (per system)
  • 8x 10 Gb Ethernet ports standard for iSCSI connectivity
  • Additional connectivity: 32/16 Gb FC with FC-NVMe support, 25 Gb Ethernet
  • Accommodates up to 24x 2.5" NVMe flash drives (within the base 2U enclosure)
  • Can scale to 760 drives with the attachment of Storwize V7000 expansion enclosures
  • 12GB/s SAS expansion enclosures support either 12x 3.5" drives (2076-12F, 2076-12G), 24x 2.5" drives (2076-24F, 2076-24G), or 92x 3.5" drives (2076-92F, 2076-92G)
  • Our refurbished systems are tested, configured, and guaranteed for IBM maintenance


ADS5 4.8TB 2.5" NVMe Flash Core Module 2.0
ADS6 9.6TB 2.5" NVMe Flash Core Module 2.0
ADS7 19.2TB 2.5" NVMe Flash Core Module 2.0
ADS8 38.4TB 2.5" NVMe Flash Core Module 2.0

ADT1 800GB 2.5" NVMe Flash Drive
ADT2 1.92TB 2.5" NVMe Flash Drive
ADT3 3.84TB 2.5" NVMe Flash Drive
ADT4 7.68TB 2.5" NVMe Flash Drive
ADT5 15.36TB 2.5" NVMe Flash Drive


ADBD 16GB FC 4-Port Adapters (Pair)
ADBE 32GB FC 4-Port Adapters (Pair)